The Backpack of Wings: Sensory Networks
(2022 - ongoing)

The workshop “The Backpack of Wings: Sensory Networks” invites the participants to collectively create an imaginary storytelling, by looking into the GPS data from one of migratory birds - ‘Jonas (White stork, male, born in 2013)’. His migratory route and geographical information tell not only about his biological behavior, but also reveal the correlation between human activities. The workshop opens up a possibility of using the biological tracking technology as a tool for communion, not to stay in the level of understanding the species. At the same time, taking our responsibility as humans to use distributed sensing technologies to nonhuman agents.

3 Hours, Max. 12 Persons
Workshop Card Set, Digital Print, 8x13cm

concept: Hyeseon Jeong, Seongmin Yuk
card design: Hyeseon Jeong

acknowledgement: Max Planck Institute of Animal Behaviour, Michael Quetting, Hemal Naik, Andrea Flack
GPS Data Reference of White Stork ‘Jonas’: Animal Tracker App / Movebank supported by Driving the Human

2022 transmediale Studio, silent green Kulturquartier, Berlin (DE)
2022 Nordic House, Reykjavík (IS)
2022 Temporary Gallery, Cologne (DE)
2022 Atelier Xoda, Cologne (DE)

Second - Fourth Photos at silent green Kulturquartier © Camille Blake

© 2023 Jeong & Yuk

© 2023 Jeong & Yuk