The Backpack of Wings

The old history of understanding other species through human’s lens has expanded to datafy them. Old mythical beliefs that the veiled species can respond to human’s wishes, transformed into an aspiration to shape a networked cluster. Pĭlacommúnĭtas is a future network, in which all species are entangled and communicate. In Pĭlacommúnĭtas, species do not only depend on their own senses, but share their ability as open source data. The hyperconnected structure should facilitate the prediction of natural disasters, and ultimately sustainably maintain the planet earth. However, the bio-data based network is not able to provide an eventual answer to the faced dilemmas, but shifts them to the further future. It tries and fails and tries again, just as it used to be.

This new technology enables us to unfold a new possibility to face the climate emergency. The transformation would also allow us to redefine the relationship between human beings and animals. But it also provokes a lot of questions: How far is the intervention of human beings into non-humans acceptable? Will the animals be perceived as essential members of human society? Will they be revered as divine agents for predicting the future, or simply as measuring tools? And above all, could it be a proper solution for the opaque future or is it another anthropocentric techo-fixational illusion?

“The Backpack of Wings” is an artistic research project, seeking for a new relation with non-human beings by focusing on the animistic aspect of the ethological study and looks into the new telemetry system. The Project depicts a near future scenario with the film “The Backpack of Wings: Modern Mythology”, and a further future with the installations “Pĭlacommúnĭtas”, “Pĭlacommúnĭtas: 2130 News”, “Nephesh”,   “2022 Artifact”. The workshop “The Backpack of Wings: Sensory Networks” puts the lens on one migratory bird by using the GPS data, and invites the participants to create an imaginary storytelling.

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In cooperation with Max Planck Institute of Animal Behaviour: Michael Quetting, Hemal Naik, Carla Avolio, Andrea Flack
Supported by Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) based on a decision of the German Bundestag
*The backpack of wings’ was developed within the framework of Driving the Human; cooperation between Forecast/Skills e.V., HfG, ZKM, acatech.

© 2023 Jeong & Yuk

© 2023 Jeong & Yuk