Pĭlacommúnĭtas (2022)

The old history of understanding other species through human’s lens has expanded to datafy them. Old mythical beliefs that the veiled species can respond to human’s wishes, transformed into an aspiration to shape a networked cluster. Pĭlacommúnĭtas is a future network, in which all species are entangled and communicate. In Pĭlacommúnĭtas, species do not only depend on their own senses, but share their ability as open source data. The hyperconnected structure should facilitate the prediction of natural disasters, and ultimately sustainably maintain the planet earth. However, the bio-data based network is not able to provide an eventual answer to the faced dilemmas, but shifts them to the further future. It tries and fails and tries again, just as it used to be.

2-Channel Video, 8:30 min, UHD, Stereo Sound
Monitors, Stereo Speakers, Steel Trusses, RGB Light Stripes, Plastic Tubes, 
Dimensions Variable

concept, editing, animation: Hyeseon Jeong, Seongmin Yuk
voice over: NC Grey
3d bird model VFX: Nathan Schönewolf
music and sound design: Hyemin Jung
translation: Meagan Hall
installation assistant: Blanca Barbat
data visualisation support:
Ying Zhang, Stefan Erk, Prof. Dr. Falk Schreiber at University Konstanz Department of Computer and Information Science 
Alex Chan, Mathias Guenther at Imaging Barn
acknowledgement: Michael Quetting, Hemal Naik, Carla Avolio at Max Planck Institute ofAnimal Behavior, The Nordic House in Reykjavik

supported by Driving the Human

event Driving the Human: Seven Prototypes for Eco-social Renewal, silent green Kulturquartier, Berlin(DE)

First - Fourth Installation Photos ©  Camille Blake
Fifth and Sixth Installation Photos © Laila Schubert

© 2023 Jeong & Yuk

© 2023 Jeong & Yuk